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  • What grades do you offer?
    Upon opening we will be offering an elementary learning studio for students ages 7-11. As we grow, we plan to offer a middle school learning studio and a high school learning studio as our learners age into those grades. Our learning studios will be mixed age to allow for better collaboration and mentorships between learners. We believe that learning from students younger and older than you develops character traits that allow learners to thrive in their higher education and as leaders the workforce and their communities. We would also like to add a younger learning studio in the future, but right now, our learning model is not set up to support these younger learners.
  • How do I know if Yirah School House is the right fit for my family?
    Our learning environment is designed to empower learners who are curious, self-motivated, respectful, and love to learn. If your family values working hard to accomplish your goals, persevering to solve challenging problems, and asking meaningful questions about the world then you will be right at home at Yirah School House.
  • What does your daily schedule look like?
    Daily Schedule: Learning at Yirah School House is organized, yet flexible. Mornings will generally be reserved for core skills Our learning philosophy is based on flexibility. Within their core skills time, learners can choose between a broad range of subjects based on their personal goals and their passions. Afternoons will be devoted to hands-on project-based learning. Throughout the day are chances for movement and free play, which we believe is incredibly important for our learners. Our days end with goal reflection. Our learners set daily, weekly, and term goals for themselves and we use mentorships and accountability to encourage meeting those educational goals
  • What does your yearly schedule look like?
    Yirah School House runs on a year-round schedule. We split our school year into about 6 terms, which coincide with our big projects and overarching themes for that term. Terms culminate in a large public showcase for family and friends. Each term is followed by a one or two week break, depending on where holidays fall. Don’t worry though, we do still have a summer break that’s about a month long. We believe a year-round school schedule allows students refresh time throughout the year, and shortening the summer break to one month will allow students to retain much more information between the school years.
  • Is Yirah School House a Christian school?
    As Christ followers, we (Nicholas and Elizabeth) base our lives on our love for Jesus. We want everything that we do to give glory to God. At Yirah School House, parents can choose to have their learners work through a bible study curriculum (of your choice) in addition to core skills, but it is optional for every family. Yirah School House is happy to welcome families with learners that are curious, self-motivated, and respectful regardless of if you are a Christ-follower or not.

If you have more questions for us, please reach out to us at and we would love to answer more questions for you.

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