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Admissions Now Open!

For 2024-2025 School Year
See below for admissions process.

Step One: Consultation

Want to know more about Yirah or have questions before you start the process? We encourage all potential families to have a free consultation with our founders, Nicholas and Elizabeth, in which we would love to answer any question you have to see if Yirah is the right fit for your learners. Reach out to us on the contact us page and we'll set up a time to meet with you! Consultations are OPTIONAL!

Step Two: Online Application

Are you ready to start the admission process for your learners? Fill out this online form as the first formal step in the application process. Nicholas and Elizabeth will review your application and reach out to set up a time to meet with your family based on the times you provided.

Step Three: Whole Family Meeting

After you submit the online application, we work with you to find a time to meet with the whole family, meaning all parents and all students that will potentially coming to Yirah. We get together in person, get to know each other, answer any remaining questions and truly make sure Yirah is a good fit for your learners. After this meeting your learner may be accepted and become part of Yirah School House!

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